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This is our NON FORMAL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM which provides the need based educational services to the marginalized children in the following ways :

• Remedial classes for children with poor academics.

• Non formal educational services for the young adults of any age to reduce the rate of drop outs from mainstream schools.

• Admission of non school goers to the Govt. schools.

Presently these classes are running in two shifts (morning & afternoon) and more than 80 students are enrolled in the program.

Healthy Life:
This is our HEALTH CARE PROGRAM in which we provide the information and awareness about the health issues consisting health check-up camps, eye-camps, women health etc.

This program gives all kind or information on the problems of our day to day life.. eg. Importance/value of education, disability related schemes and awareness, behavior problems in children, guidance to make their ration cards/cast certificate/voter id etc. through :

• Home visits.
• Community meetings.
• Nukkad Natak / Street Play.

In this program we motivate women and children to make a habit of saving, which they can use in the time of need. It works in two level :

• SAVING PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN : Here children save their pocket money whether Rs: 1/- or Rs: 2/- every day or the maximum, and get it back after a month and use the money on their own for their small – small requirements like purchasing of note books, pencils, guides or whatever they need.

• SAVING PROGRAM FOR WOMEN : Here a group of ladies collect Rs: 50/- or Rs: 100/- every month equally, and one of them as per requirement can get the whole amount collected by the group after 3 months. And can use the money according to their need.

In this unit we provide the vocational and pre-vocational skill training to the children who help them to get good source of income and make them able to stand on their feet. In this we provide training on the following skills :
• Computer training
• Stitching and tailoring
• Activities of Art & Craft


When we talk about working with community, we can't segregate children with special needs, as they are also a part of our community. Here we provide a holistic program, which helps a disabled child for his/her all round development and creates an inclusive environment which helps the society to bridge the gap between able and disabled.

Counseling Skills

  This workshop is for unemployed people to guide them for proper Future. And help them to overcome from difficult situation.

Counseling Skills Workshop at ---

This workshop is for unemployed people to guide them for proper Future. And help them to overcome from difficult situation.

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